About Us:

We would like to welcome you all to our newly established flower cutting garden, located at Hill House Nursery in Landscove.

Our flower beds sit in the beautiful South Hams, Devon countryside. They are designed to provide a good selection of blooms and foliage throughout the growing season (May to September), as we attempt to reclaim some of the more unusual flower varieties, which are disappearing from modern, easy keep gardens today.

The idea of a Pick Your Own Flower Garden came about towards the end of summer 2017. After a winter of plotting and planning with a cold spring to follow, we opened the garden to the public on June 2nd 2018. The original thought was to create a place primarily for brides and grooms to pick their own country flowers for personalising their wedding ceremonies. We quickly discovered that the demand for ‘home grown unusual flower varieties’ was far greater than we ever imagined, - with an ideal location for the garden, the Hill House Nursery grounds - it soon became known for attracting visitors who were ‘bowled over by the experience’ - coming to treat themselves, give bouquets as gifts, mark special occasions or simply celebrate Summer!

Throughout the past two seasons we have witnessed how much people of all walks of life, male or female, adults or children, enjoy the experience of being amongst the flowers. As they explore and discover the gardens hidden gems,’ surprise after surprise - which effortlessly excite and stimulate the senses, they find themselves reconnecting with the natural world. That wonderful old fashioned pastime of ‘going out and seeing what you can find’ is certainly in evidence here and people love it! are sadly bereft when Summer ends - until the next time.

The unique, timeless environment that Hill House in Landscove is, on a mid - summers day IS about as good as it can get! - as it invites us to indulge in a few precious hours of quality time in the countryside, with a purpose - enabling us to return home with a treasured collection of nature’s best; as a reminder of a very special, original, memorable, hands on experience - a stones throw away from where we live!

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