How to Care for your flowers:

  • For an occasion we recommend picking the flowers the day before you will be arranging them. It is good to let them rest overnight in deep cool water.
  • Please be aware that they may wilt slightly after being picked in the sunshine but they will stand up to attention again after a few hours in cool water.
  • Most flowers are best picked when they are just starting to show some colour. If the buds are too tight they may not fully open.
  • Put your flowers directly into a bucket of cold water and let them rest in a cool dark area, preferably over night.
  • Recut all the stems at an angle, using sharp clippers so you don't squash and damage the stems. (This helps them to continue to drink!)
  • Before making up your posies, remove branches and leaves that will be below the water line and make sure the water is clean. You can put a tiny drop of bleach in the water to keep it clean. You can also use propriety flower food.
  • Some plants have special requirements; Woody flower stems such as roses should have an additional vertical cut through the base of the stem to about 2". Stems prone to drooping such as Poppy, Euphorbia, Hellebores and Cerinthe can be sealed by dipping the bottom inch of the stems into boiling water for 20-30 seconds. Some flowers like Delphiniums and Lupins have hollow stems. Filling the stems of these flowers with water and plugging them with cotton wool will greatly extend their life.
  • Remove any dead or dying flowers to keep the arrangement looking fresh and discourage the growth of bacteria.
  • Changing the water and recutting the base of the stems every two to four days can extend the floral display.

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